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I'd suggest you spend the extra 30 seconds to describe your preferences, travel history or expectations, rather than asking complete strangers to write up their own ideal trip descriptions that that will probably end up being a complete waste of time because of different interests. Better quality info to start with will net you better replies.

Or perhaps even look at the next thread in the same forum which answers your questions pretty much exactly: https://geoexpat.com/forum/24/thread345182.html
Thank you I have already read that particular post.

I had hoped by being intentionally vague that it might not only spark a discussion but also generate some ideas that I hadn't already thought of or come across. I find that when we are too specific with our questions the yielded responses are expected and do not inspire. I am looking for something I haven't thought of.

Thank you I hadn't heard of Zuji before.

That's an amazing idea, hadn't even occurred to me to go north. Thank you.