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Australia Car Rental - Insurance Q

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    Australia Car Rental - Insurance Q

    Quick question:

    Is it easy / possible / acceptable to buy insurance from a third party to cover your car insurance if you're visiting and planning on driving in Australia?

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    i'm pretty sure it is. a friend of mine never buys the additional insurance when he rents a car. he has a travel insurance policy that covers for this and he says it's much cheaper.

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    It is.. but the details are what might catch you.. i doubt anyone will want to confirm with you which part of covers is by rental company (3rd party compulsory liability) and which part is by passenger external (i.e. the 3rd party that you intend to use).
    Usually these policies have excess and stuffs and all will be fighting to be the last cover (first cover takes majority of the cost)...

    If the 3rd party you take is a fair one, and did took all these into consideration and tried to provide a good solution for you, then it might be easy. Otherwise it will be a war of letter and reluctance to pay. Bearing in mind these travel insurance can be global (annual) and the car insurance market is very local (dependent on each market tax, car cost, etc).

    Usually until you go about claiming for it, you won't know if that works.. Do try (the insurance of cos, not the claims) and let us know. 8-)

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    I use third party insurance every time I go to Australia.
    I haven't been asked to produce proof, but I always carry a print out of the insurance receipt, just in case.
    (my experience is mostly with Avis, Hertz and Thrifty)

    Make sure to get an International Driving Permit too - they always ask to see that (showing my HK license is never enough for them)

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