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Japan Airlines offers passengers a seat map to avoid babies on board – will others follow suit?

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    That is quite nice for us who have children too. I much prefer to sit next to other families, than sitting next to a baby-hater who gives us the evil stare every time they make some noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBrit
    Yes, choose a barren childless life or choose to cut off young children from their extended families.... great options. Do you work for Carrie Lam by any chance, this is about as sensible as anything she comes out with
    Its still a choice, and the way you word it just shows a bias. Theres positives to not having children and positives to not travelling with children.

    It's also not a right to fly and visit extended family. It's just a nice to have. Otherwise, how do we help those who can't afford it? There are plenty of families (e.g. immigrants) who may not be able to afford taking kids to see their relatives. I won't go into the right to have children, because i feel that issue is a lot more complicated.

    Its also a choice for passengers to fly amongst other children and families as well. Thats why i applaud this seatmap plan because it gives ppl the information to choose to avoid that section of the plane.
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    For those who chose not to have kids, by getting on a plane you still chose to engage in society, and society has kids whether you like it or not. So if you don't want to be around kids, dont get on a plane in the first place, and don't do anything else in society either for that matter.

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