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Kiwi dot com flight tickets

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    Kiwi dot com flight tickets

    What's your experience ?

    Reliable and on par with Expedia, which I normally use

    I am just looking at a great deal that combines a Chinese carrier and a foreign airline

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    I've used it once - worked out OK. My routing was Singapore - Auckland - Bali - so a couple of one way flights. Compared to booking via the airline (my preferred option), it was significantly cheaper.

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    My friends just had a horrific experience with them. They had booked a flight to Philippines, but somehow ended up with an itenarary to Columbia and had to pay extra money to have it changed back to the original flight they had booked and paid for. Then the itinerary got changed and they ended up having to stay overnight in Manila at their own expense.

    The overnight stay happened to another set of friends who also booked with them on a similar route.

    Based on those two experience, I personally would not book with them.

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    I tried them going to Vietnam. Way better price, but the different airlines was annoying. I don't see how one flight can become another or go to a wrong destination? Maybe just need to check and double check with them after booking confirmation to be safe?

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    I just searched for a long distance trip; generally I go to Skyscanner or, but as both of those are in Chinese hands I'm not super excited about giving those all my information, so I would like to have as an option.

    I found, in order or price:
    - expedia had the best price of all. This surprised me, as in the past I had ditched Expedia for being far too expensive.
    - found the same flights as expedia, but a bit more expensive
    - Skyscanner: found a very interesting alternatve which would save me a lot of time (hours) with an interesting combination of carriers. It would end up a bit more expensive, but the gain in time is worth it to me.
    - found the same company as Expedia and, didn't find the cheaper flight (it seems) but instead came again with a more expensive but interesting alternative.
    - directly with the company: same flights as Kiwi, but 30-40% more expensive.


    I should add to this confusion that in my experience for longer, complicated trips, it can also be useful to split a trip in parts and look for more options. But in any case, I will add both Expedia and Kiwi to my arsenal of tricks

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    I tend to agree with the observations - from my personal experience of booking flights around and to/from Asia I'm firmly of the view there is no one site that always delivers the best options. I generally use them all and see which options to narrow down to. Expedia, the bankrupt Zuji and direct booking are he most common ones I ended up using.

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    I want to issue a warning about kiwi.

    I just had a bad experience related to credit card fraud on this site (support refuses any cooperation) so I googled them and found various earnings about them, including:

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    There are probably hundreds of warnings here about Did you read them before you booked?
    Use at your own risk. If a scammer uses them to commit fraud, initiate the chargeback as their support is worse than useless.
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    First time hearing about

    Recent reviews are not looking good, mostly from Covid19 effects