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Mainland Greece and island reccomendations

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    Mainland Greece and island reccomendations

    We finally leave HK for good next week and have decided to take a break in Greece on the way back to the UK as they have friendly quarantine regs and a seemingly low rate of COVID-19

    Anyone have experience/knowledge of Greece? Initially we will stay in Athens. How long do we need there, what to see? (Other than the obvious!)

    Then the plan is to hire a car, explore mainland. Suggestions on where to go?

    Finally we will do a bit or island hopping. Planning on a month initially, could be more.

    I don’t know a lot about mainland Greece. (Done Crete, Rhodes and Corfu in the past) So pretty clueless. It’s been a very last minute decision .

    We don't have an onward ticket to UK so may even consider a overland trip back to UK if pandemic conditions look OK. Looking forward to escaping HK after 6 months couped up here!!!

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    Peloponnese peninsula has ruins and beaches, not too much of a drive. Delphi and Meteora are also popular stops. Could take advantage of the lack of tourist and cruises to visit Santorini. It is gorgeous, not too much to do but it's being sold as the perfect social distancing holiday. Hotels often have private pools and terraces where you are generally served breakfast. Great place for couples and the walk along the crest is spectacular. I would ordinarily never ever go there in summer because of the hordes of tourists but this might be the time to try it. Good walking on Crete but might be a bit hot at this time of year though I don't mind it too much because it's a lot less humid..

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    I sent you a PM.

    Greece is a fantastic place to go. We've had some really wonderful, memorable holidays there. It's hard to come by food that isn't outstanding. Hospitality is unbeatable. The wildflowers blooming in spring, with the bees buzzing are amazing. Crystal clear water. Peace and quiet. Olive trees, orchards.

    I have a family connection with Pelion, which I think is sometimes an overlooked area. It's just a four hour drive from Athens. It actually gets seasons, including snow in the winter. There's hills and forests, although beaches still nearby. Quaint villages, like Makrinitsa or Milies.

    Greece is so big if you just go to some random place you'd be surprised by the quality of accommodation, food, and hospitality. There's no point in my opinion in going to crowded tourist destinations when there's beautiful places to be found everywhere. But granted, if it's a chance to visit some tourist destinations without the tourists (yet), then maybe a unique chance!

    We've also been to Crete which I often rate as our best holiday ever. It was like a dream thanks to the scenery.

    I'd like to spend more time in Greece and get to know the areas better.

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    Athens is great, some areas are quite run down and there is graffiti everywhere, the lasting effects of the economic downturn are all over. But great food and interesting vibe, quite different from other Western European countries.

    Aside from the main tourists stuff, Pireas is worth exploring, sleepy seaside area, wandering into the adjacent hills you won't see a single tourist.

    There's a thermal lake just outside the city ( bring your own towels):

    Vouliagmenis Lake

    Beware of groups of pickpockets (various ages) in popular areas especially Omnia and Victoria stations.