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Thailand personal information leaked

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    Thailand personal information leaked

    anyone been to Thailand in the last ten years is probably on the list, they say:

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    FYI ..

    The Elasticsearch database totalled about 200GB and contained several assets, including a collection of more than 106 million records, each of which included some or all of the following info:

    • Date of arrival in Thailand
    • Full name
    • Sex
    • Passport number
    • Residency status
    • Visa type
    • Thai arrival card number

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    Most of us probably have these information leaked from other sources already.

    It is more surprising if your PII is 100% off the grid/internet. Maybe if you are Amish.

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    Elasticsearch is used for devops - analysing log data, e.g. webserver logs.It's not the 'final' DB immigration would store this data in I think.

    At leat the digital mugshot they take was not in there it seems - coming off a long flight many people are not at their best at that time...

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