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Advice from our experience – when traveling to HK – be prepared:- To be separated at the Airport – pack bags accordingly, with everything needed not to stay together – chargers, important documents, work items, clothes, toiletries..- For someone (or all) to be in quarantine / Isolation for at least 7 days – pack the snacks/ foods to make it through 7 days, cold weather items as hotels can be very cold. If traveling with kids ensure you have EVERYTHING they would need for min of 7 days isolation (diapers, etc)Back story – Family of 4 (Parents, two kids) traveling into HK- Husband was informed he was positive on rapid test at airport – and that his PCR was positive 2 -3 hours later. Subsequently, he tested negative on the rapid at the hotel THAT NIGHT and every day after. (We really don’t believe he had Covid at the Airport – that the test was somehow incorrect, but we never fought it)- Novotel: room was decent, food most of the time adequate in quality, the amount wasn’t quite enough for a large, athletic manAlthough this 3+4 is better, don’t expect that it is really feeling ‘normal’ as other places you might have been over the summer. We managed the 7 days, but it would have been more comfortable had we been better prepared.