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Shanghai stop over - advice please!

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    Shanghai stop over - advice please!

    Have ~6 or 7 hours to kill in Shanghai. .....and I havent been for ~11 years.

    What is easiest way from airport to Bund area?
    Any idea on time and costs?
    Is it still a pain if you wanna take the Maglev, that you have to get off int he middle of nowhere?

    Do I need local currency or can do everything with cc or an app?

    Sorry for the stupid questions........

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    Exiting through airport immigration should take around 3 hours, turn around and enter again another 3 hours, need to run so you dont miss your flight!

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    What you describe as “ middle of nowhere” is by now probably more bustling than Shinjuku during rush hours, eleven years is a long time for China

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    I have APEC card so maybe a little faster?!!!!

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    with an apec card you should be done with 30 mns to 1 hour dependign on where you plane is parked

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    Maglev plus Metro should bring you to the Bund in less than 1h.

    So it is possible. My experience with immigration in SH was fine, didn't take too long. I presume you have already you boarding pass when you leave the airport and no luggage to check in.

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    Thank you. Sounds good.

    What are the payment methods on the Metro in Shanghai these days?

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    Small notes cash is still fine, especially if you've tried Alipay HK and it has failed... just don't assume a bunch of RMB100 notes from an HK atm will work everywhere (unless you are feeling generous and happy to waive the change).

    Or your bank ATM card you put away 5 years ago with Union pay.

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