I am glad to learn it’s not necessary for the renewal of HKPIC or HRP application or renewal or at least anymore. As I read walk ups were not allowed in 2022 and online applications requires a local address. But I guess they probably changed after COVID transmissions and unprecedented demand for renewals subsided. Not so sure but it appears based on online forums that’s the case.

For the driving license for those Hong Kong residents who now in the mainland but a HongKong license in order to direct transfer to mainland license without test. Currently the easiest way being transferring overseas license to Hong Kong and then to mainland via direct transfer.

be curious whether classified apartment monthly rentals on Hong Kong geo expat actually welcomes returning digital nomads to stay a month and use address to do things like obtain renew a license or a visa. Which can be touchy if one stays mostly in mainland or an Asian country with a visa and who may be required to return “home” to get another visa but yet there is no physical address in the said “home.” A catch 22 situation.