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Booking regular daily pick up taxi

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    Booking regular daily pick up taxi

    Do cabbies still do this? I'm wanting to organise a Monday to Friday 5pm pickup for what is usually a $100 fare. Is there a number or app or website anyone can point me to?
    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nivek2046:
    Is there anything on there that indicates which app supports advance booking?

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    Hi, I live up on a hill in the Lai King area; we have a driver, Jackie, who focuses on that specific residence and area, to the extent that he has built up a 'customer ' base and timetable in the mornings, from around 8am-11am, for example. Jackie has become so part of the residential area, many passengers becomes his friends. It's a bit of a Hail Mary, but if your residence has a Facebook group, like mine, you could post a query about whether a taxi driver like him would offer that service. Good luck!

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    Good tip. Thank you. I'll report back any success.