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Guangzhou - Long weekend trip - Need suggestions

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    Thanks for reply.

    Do you have India tiffin guy contact number please ?

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    Without doubt you have to go to (I don't know the exact name) Sheung Sha jiu - it's basically one of the longest streets in Gz and it's similar to Dongmen in shenzhen but bigger. Loads of street food, shopping, entertainment, cafes, ktv. You name it, they've got it

    I used to live in guangzhou, even if you don't like karaoke it's quite fun and there's one at China Plaza with a fantastic buffet for ard Y78 with Peking duck, seafood, many dishes. Plus you get 3-4 hrs in the room which is great for a small group

    Maybe theme parks are not my thing but I never went to NY in gz despite living there

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    Some go to the Guangzhou indoor ski

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