Thailand - Help?

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    Talking Thailand - Help?

    intending to go soon for a week - need some suggestions/advice on a couple of things.

    would to be better to travel straight to Samui, or get a domestic flight from Bangkok? Emirates is doing HK2BKK for a good deal, and the domestic flights are no more than 1000HKD - has anyone done this? would it be better for me to get a minibus that brings me from Bangkok to the islands? wher would i go about finding information so i don't get picked up by a rapist with a fancy sign? XD

    i've been advised to have a look at Koh Lanta and Koh Panga (the one with the full moon party?), is there any other island or area that i should look into visiting? am looking to do some amateur snorkelling/diving, jetskis/wakeboarding and partying of course. XD

    with accomodation, again i'm looking at the bungalo huts, but i'm assuming that the cheapest ones don't have a website for me to look up. has anyone got any reccommendations for places on different islands that are safe? doesn't have to be right on the beach, i can walk. =p

    thanks!! i know it's a lot to ask for but i want to try and find out what my budget would be - intending to go and come back before the CNY rush.

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    You would be better to try Ko Chang ,

    Quite cheap and can bus/minibus from BKK, great for watersport, diving etc. The website gives lots of comment