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    I'm off to Manila for a business trip in a couple of weeks and need abit of advice what to do...

    Going on my own - have several meetings at the airport upon arrival.

    Company have booked me in Intercontinental Makati City.

    I then have meetings the next day:

    10:00am Intramuros

    13:00pm The Port

    Flight back to HKG at 17:50pm.

    I assume the above schedule is realistic!

    My question relates to the hotel - I can change if any knowledgable Manila frequent travellers can recommend me a better located hotel that is close to abit of lively night life. I am not looking to go wild, but would like to experience the 'wilder' (ie Wan Chai) side of Manila!

    Any suggestions - or is the hotel fine?

    How far is Makati City to Intramuros?



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    Tsuen Wan

    i'm not from Manila but you should consider the traffic as it could get worst at times.

    is that the Port or the Fort? if it's the latter then it's all there for partying

    The Fort - Manila - TravBuddy

    info about makati

    Makati City travel guide - Wikitravel

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    Siu Sai Wan

    The Fort is different to the Intramuros.

    The Intramuros area is near the Port area. The Fort area is relatively close to Makati.

    If you have meetings from the Airport, to Intramuros, to the Port, then there is no need to go to Makati.

    At the best of times the traffic in Manila is reasonable - at the worst of time is it one big carpark.

    Have a look at google maps/earth to where your meetings are.

    I would suggest The Diamond Hotel or The Hyatt Hotel for accommodation rather than in Makati.

    There are some reasonable bars/clubs near there for entertainment. If it is your first time to Manila I really would not suggest you going alone to the "nightclub" streets. If you want to go there, have a filipino workmate/driver take you there. There are many streets/places you could go, but going alone would not be my recommendation for the first time.

    Some others in the forum may have other suggestions.

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    Hong Kong

    Hotel intercon should be fine. last time i was in the philippines, the hotel has some areas under renovation.. if im not mistaken. however, from your itinerary, it's better if you're billeted in a hotel nearby.. manila area. manila hotel, or the W hotel (or is that G hotel), or the hotels mentioned by crocodile. this is to lessen travel time. traffic is just horrible esp during rush hour.

    there's makati ave if you're looking for a 'wilder' side

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    better to stay at the Manila Hotel which is right beside Intramuros and The Port area.

    Manila Hotel

    your meetings are just a stones throw away.

    with regards to the wilder side... the closest one would probably be in the Malate area if you're staying in Manila hotel.