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    Quote Originally Posted by gunsnroses:
    hey Pin, how did your trip go? I am planning to go there on my own for a weekend, any pointers?
    Hi there

    Wow, trip was over six months ago!!

    Trip was fine actually. What happened was some friends were also heading to Beijing at the same time and another friend offered me her flat for me to stay in, so that worked out well.

    During the days I was on my own, doing sightseeing. Metro is very easy to get around with. I even managed to get the local bus to the Great Wall.

    At nights, was with my friends. As they were mandarin speakers, that made things super easy. Can't remember where we ended up though, too many drinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reinkarnation:
    Flight from Shenzhen to Beijing during low season is 400 RMB, and there is no fuel surcharge for domestic flights.

    hard to find tickets for 400RMB even it is the low season, and now there are 50 RMB's for fuel surcharge and 50 RMB's airport constrution fee.

    I have stayed in Beijing for 4 years before, and I have never lost anything. There was once I forgot to lock my bicycle but nothing happened, even I felt quite surprised.

    Now Beijing has more english instructions everywhere, so will not be too hard for you. I always saw foreigners travel alone, and they just stop and ask the local if they have any problems.