Lost Passport - Help Needed

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    Lost Passport - Help Needed


    I've lost my UK passport and i'm supposed to be flying to Manilla tommorow. Does anyone know how long it takes to get an emergency passport? I realise that i'm screwed for tommorow's flight but wondering how long i'll need to wait..cheers in advance for any help

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    as far as I know the emergency passport is only issued to allow repatriation to the UK. So you'll be needing a new passport. As for timing I cannot tell you how long it takes in HK but can tell you the following from when I got my bags and passport stolen in europe earlier in the year.

    You'll need to fill in an LS-01 form for a lost or stolen passport. You'll need to complete a passport application form.

    In london you can get a replacement passport in 4 hours, proving you have a 'digital' passport (has the machine readable strip at the bottom, issued post 1998, I think) (you normally have to wait a few days for an appointment)

    In Paris it takes the british consulate 7 days to issue a new passport.

    So there you go thats the range, I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you. What I will advise is go to the consulate and talk to them, when you get into it the system seems to be quite helpful and flexible.

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    For what it is worth, it took 5 working days for them to renew my passport here, a couple of weeks ago, once I got all the paperwork together. Not sure if re-placing a lost UK passport is more complicated than renewing a passport - I actually had one to show and hand in.

    The documentation required here is slightly more onerous than the UK, btw, although if you were born in the UK, there will be the least requirement for information/documentation.

    When I checked what constituted 'emergency', for passport renewal purposes, they specifically said business reasons, however pressing, didn't count. They meant things like medical repatriation, life and death situations, etc.

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    Get to the High Comm early with all your paperwork in order - the fastest they've done me a passport was 5 days though that was simply a replacement not a lost one. Be polite, explain your situation, just maybe they can help.