Backpacking Vietnam and Cambodia for 5 days...suggestions and anyone interested?

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    Hi Jigs

    Rough itinery so far looks like starting with a flight into Ho Chi Minh City, a day or so to explore there. Then a tour of the Mekong Delta - apparently the cheapest and easiest way to do this is with an organised tour - possible to get one ending in Chau Doc maybe? The boat to Phnom Penh, day or so to explore there - anything worthwhile in surrounds? The depending on time either bus or flight to Siam Reap for Angkor Wat. Does this sounds do-able in 10 days? Realise it's only covering a fairly small part of each country, but like you say 10 days is not long. We'd probably go to the north of Vietnam on a different trip.

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    Mmmm....yeah that sounds do-able, as long as you don't mind being on the go. Honestly I'm not too sure about the Mekong Delta, we didn't have time to go there, so I never really researched it too much.

    I wish I'd had the chance to get the boat from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh, but needs must I guess! I definitely think that a day/two days is enough for Phnom Penh, there isn't that much to see, with the exception of the usual markets etc, and obviously museums relating the the Khmer Rouge era (which were very sad, but very enlightening), and the killing fields (I think about an hour out of the city), but I didn't feel the need to go there.

    Even if you do take a bus from Phnom Penh to Siam Reap, its not too long a trip, I think only about 4-5hours (maybe even less). How long are you planning on staying in Siam Reap? We did 4 days, but I guess it all depends on how many of the temples you want to see (there are many, with some about an hours tuk tuk drive out of the main area, but we found these ones very enjoyable, and very different from the central (very touristy!) ones, and far fewer visitors venture to these!) Don't know if its something you're interested in, but they do some fantastic cooking courses in Siam Reap, mainly half days, but relatively cheap and really good fun, and the food you cook is delicious!

    The only other area in Cambodia that you might want to visit is Sihanoukville (well the islands off the coast really!), but that is basically only relaxing on the beach.

    Hope some of this information helps....!

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    hey naka how was your trip.. planning to make one myself if someone is interested let me know. 69063151