Visa for Shenzhen

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    Visa for Shenzhen

    Can someone help me real quick?

    I hold an Indian Passport and a HK ID card - for travlling to Shenzhen do I need to apply for a visa beforehand or can I just get a visa at the border? Also what is the cost?

    I checked with the CST people but they gave me some immigration number which doesnt seem to be working.

    Hoping someone can help !!!

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    you should be able to apply and get a visa (for Shenzhen only) pretty easily at the border (Lo Wu checkpoint only), that lasts for 5 days. The cost is HK$150 / RMB160, and you can get one in 10 mins / 1/2-an-hour depending on the rush.

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    today is a busy chinese festival ppl returning china through shenzhen