Tokyo over Christmas/New Year

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    Tokyo over Christmas/New Year

    Hey all, planning on going to Tokyo from Dec 26- Jan 02.

    Have been doing the usual websites in initial research; zuji, priceline, cxholidays, lastminute and no one package jumps out as a bargain. Cheapest flights are with lastminute.
    But hey it's Tokyo I know it's not gonna be cheap.

    Just wondering what avenues other people have taken in booking Tokyo breaks?


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    We did Japan last year for the Xmas holiday period.

    Its cold and expensive!! We didn't do package, just booked flights and hotels separately. For hotel, have a look at Citadines serviced apartments. They are not bad value.

    Tokyo is not cheap and the Yen is pretty expensive.

    However well worth a visit, Tokyo is a great city.

    BTW new years is a very family orientated time in Japan, so partying isn't what you would expect in HK. However well worth visiting Meji Shrine on new years, its an experience. But do wrap up.

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    Thanks a lot Pin, looks like I will do the flight/hotel bookings separately too.

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    Package vom CXholiday is not bad.

    Hotels are really expensive, I totally agree.

    Why not try hostel, capsule hotel or minishuku?