Travel to Hong Kong During Chinese New Year (LNY)

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    Travel to Hong Kong During Chinese New Year (LNY)

    im headin to hongkong next week from 11-17th of feb.

    i know that many shops aren't open during cny but i sorta booked this flight and holiday awhile back and actually didn't remember about cny until recently. I don't mind it too much since i get the first 2 days to shop and the rest to enjoy the cny which i expect to be massive.

    I was just wondering if of the following places are open during the cny.

    - Mong Kok Shops/Markets (like stores on ladies market, and sino centre)
    - Ocean Park
    - Any Large Shopping Centres.

    im sure restaurents will be either booked or closed and thats fine but i was hoping to find some things to do. Could u guys list some good events or festivals to attend during the holidays 13th onwards.

    ill be stayin at the Ramada Hotel which is located in kowloon.

    so yeah i would really like to do some shopping in the areas of mong kok but not sure if they will be open during the holidays. can i get a idea of what i should do, like should i attend the ocean park during the morning and mong kok later,

    but yeah and tips and timetables on what i should do throughout that week would be awesome since im in the process of plannin it all.

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    - Mong Kok Shops/Markets (yes and no, some open while some are not, usually resume normal after the third day of CNY)

    - Ocean Park (yes)

    - Any Large Shopping Centres (yes but i guess not all the shops are opened)

    things to do may wanna see the new year parade, or visit some temples or the big buddha ....those will be opened and with lots of people

    or you may go for hiking or some islands near hk....try some seafood~
    those are for sightseeing