China Visa - Dual Nationality - A Solution

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    China Visa - Dual Nationality - A Solution

    It seems rare for people to get good news on Chinese visas these days, but I do have some.

    For the past four years I was told by many travel agents (including China Travel Service) that I could only get my China multiple entry visa in my US passport, when my HK work permit was in the other one. To do this I also had to run over to Macau and back to get a visitor chop, in the US passport then apply. This was because the visa history was originally in my US passport which held my Singaporean work permit before I moved here.

    This I went this time to the China visa office directly. They took my EU passport, a photocopy of my HKID, the US passport cover page and the two old visas, and now I just have to wait, and have saved $620 in visa fees plus the cost of a return trip to Macau.

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