US travel visa - from hong kong?

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    US travel visa - from hong kong?

    Hi list, i hold a resident visa of hong kong, a permanent resident visa of singapore and an indian passport. i was planning a trip to the US on business. Where do you think my chances of getting a US visa are better.

    My job is based in HK so it is the place that I can prove that i will return to (with official letters and all that), but i dont own property or have a family here.

    In singapore i have a PR and the US consulate website says its easier to apply from a place of "permanent residence", though i dont have any property or family there as well.

    I have my parent's residence in India and I am an Indian passport holder. So it might be easiest from there. but it would be inconvenient to take a 2 week break and fly to india just to get the visa.

    your informed advice is highly appreciated.

    best regards

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    If you're currently working in Hong Kong and have a HK ID card, apply from here.

    I'd not recommend applying from India.