Luggage - Samsonite?

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    Luggage - Samsonite?

    As a happy owner of a small samsonite (it's done me well for 10 years and is still going strong), I'm looking for a slightly larger bag.
    I suppose what I'm talking about is "one size bigger than maximum hand carry".

    I was thinking to get one of those new, modern material, ultra-light, Samsonite bags.

    Funny Anecdotes?

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    I got a Samsonite 1-2 years ago, it's expandable and has 4 wheels which means you can wheel it in any direction, it's super easy to handle. I LOVE it. Well worth the price! No funny stories unfortunately, but highly recommended!

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    Just bought American Tourister brand which is a downgrade from Samsonite. 2 Years international warranty. Only used it once though. 36 inches I think. Hard case but expandable in the middle. 4 wheels too. With TGA lock for US customs. Was $840 from WingOn in TST. Bought a smaller carryon version exactly the same, but smaller! $600 i think it was.

    Looks sexy.

    My wife bought a case also but in china. Paid 1400 Yuan for a soft bag. Unknown brand, no warranty. The handle hits the ground when you place the bag on the ground. It rolls like a drunk sailor and when it gets off balance it gets the death wobbles!

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    I bought a nice sleek looking samsonite about a month ago. I would say it is about maximum hand carry size. 10 year warranty. Citistore in Tai Kok Tsui (near Olympic) has some good discounts. They had 40% off last years models. But I really liked the latest model and when I pushed them they gave to me for 15% discount.

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    My samsonite has seen better days. It is about four years old and the maximum carryon size, but I always check it in. It has done many (80+?) flights and it has lost one zipper, the wheels have lost some tread, the legs are loose there are marks and cuts on it and a bit near the handle has been broken. I think I will take it in for some repairs.