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shenzhen, guangdong travel info please

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    shenzhen, guangdong travel info please

    A friend of mine would like to visit HK and Shenzhen and is asking me things I don't know about: Opium War Museum in Dongguan and Wong Fei Hung Museum in Foshan

    Please help....

    How far are those 2 places from Lowu? (I am only familiar with Lowu )
    What transportation to take to those places from Lowu, shenzhen
    What about this hostel : HI - Hostel Shenzhen Loft Youth Hostel
    Thanks a lot

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    Dongguan is on the main rail line between Hung Hom and Guangzhou. You can get there either by taking the train from Hung Hom or by crossing the border at LuWo and taking a train from Shenzhen (which is cheaper but a little harder as you have to buy your train ticket in Shenzhen). I believe Foshan is also on the same rail line.

    For more info on the Hung Hom service see here:

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    For Shenzhen you can pick up a copy of the fun Map of Shenzhen at Dymocks bookstores in HK (includes pocket taxi guide) and you can see the brilliant new Shenzhen Museum and the nearby Art Gallery. The new Museum has three floors and lots of history, without the boring propaganda of the old museum. These two buildings are in the new City Centre, at Shao Nian Gong metro station, on a direct line from Hong Kong MTR Lok Ma Chau station(Futian station on Chinese side of the internal walkway.) You can get to Dongguan easily from Luohu but I would suggest that there's a lot to see in Shenzhen first.
    The Youth Hostel you mention is great - modern and not too many people know about it. Nice location and it is shown on the Map of Shenzhen, with the nearest metro station. (Shenzhen metro is owned by the HK MTR and exactly the same to get about on.) Make sure you get the map called Shenzhen Unique Guide as all the others are very out of date as Shenzhen has changed so fast.Everyone that visits now is amazed.