View Poll Results: Yes, I will attend the following World Cup outings (seating subject to availability)

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  • Fri, June 9: Germany - Costa Rica (kick-off @ midnight)

    8 57.14%
  • Sun, June 11: Serbia - Netherlands (kick-off 9p.m)

    5 35.71%
  • Mon, June 12: Australia - Japan (kick-off 9p.m)

    7 50.00%
  • Tue, June 13: Korea - Togo (kick-off 9p.m)

    4 28.57%
  • Wed, June 14: Spain - Ukraine (kick-off 9p.m)

    5 35.71%
  • Thu, June 15: Ecuador - Costa Rica (kick-off 9p.m)

    4 28.57%
  • Fri, June 16: Argentina - Serbia (kick-off 9p.m)

    6 42.86%
Multiple Choice Poll.

Information about: World Cup Outings through June 20

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    Information about: World Cup Outings through June 20

    To confirm your attendance to watch the World Cup at Skidz in WanChai, please sign up via this poll. There is a $100 minimuim charge per person and game, which will be added to each table's bill. Tables are reserved from 1 hour prior to kick-off until the end of the match.

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    I will be in Canada for all those matches Hopefullly I will catch the later ones with you guys though

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    i'm so game for this! can't wait! i'll probably come out for all those dates and more! haha!

    just give me a time and place and i'll be there!

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    Please count me in for the Australia vs Japan match! soccer + beer Oh Yes!

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    I will go there for S.Korea and Ecuador on those two nights...... count me in....i will wear the JERSEY too

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    Need your confirmation for Germany match ASAP!

    Attention everyone: I will have to put down a deposit for the Germany to Costa Rica game within the next 24 hours. Including my reservation for 15 geoexpats, the seats for this game are now sold out at Skidz and therefore, our table can only be guaranteed if I deposit $1500. I don't mind doing this but it also means that these seats will be assigned in the sequence you confirm to me. Once all 15 seats are allocated, you are obviously free to join us, but may be required to watch the game standing rather than sitting. Please confirm in this thread as soon as possible!

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    paulmears and matt.rock are confirmed for the Germany match on Friday, 12 seats are still awaiting your confirmation ...

    BTW, the seats for the first England match are sold out at Skidz already, hence it is not listed above. Skidz requires deposits for the second England - Trinidad game on Thursday, June 15 (midnight). Given the late start on a week night I am reluctant to put down a deposit for that game or the Ecuador - C.Rica game earlier that same evening. If some one else wants to organize the late-night England matches, please do so.

    Finally, a deposit is also required for Friday, June 16 (the double header between Argentina - Serbia & Netherlands - Ivory Coast); judging from the responses from my earlier poll, I am thinking of reserving 25 seats but that means another $2500 deposit. So I really need you all to respond quickly; I might opt for a smaller table if I gauge that too few of you are interested and I'd risk losing a chunk of my deposit.

    Skidz will hold tables for 12 people without deposit for all the other games listed in the poll; however, if turn-out is poor on Sunday, June 11 or Monday, June 12, they might be reluctant to continue to hold space for us without deposit for future matches. So please sign-up!

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    I'm also in for the next Friday double up


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    Given the poor response so far to my request for confirmations, I will limit my table reservation and deposit to 15 iso 25 persons ($1500 iso $2500) for the Friday, June 16 event. Once the number signed-up exceeds 15, I will contact them again to add more seats. While there is a risk that Skidz won't have additional seats by then, I need to offset this against the risk of too few people showing up. I'll walk over there tomorrow morning before work to make the deposits, which will guarantee our tables.

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    Hey texasaxel, since the seats for the England game this Sat sold out like hot cakes, any chance of just turning up at the Skidz and hope for the best? Or is the chance of getting in so minimal that it's best to read the paper the next day for the result?

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