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    Hong Kong

    I saw this post today. Can you fill me in on this early 20'2 thread. Can't find it in here. I am 22 and looking to meet some people around the same age. I just moved here from Chicago alone.

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    Hi Laura!

    I am sure you will find 1000 of things to do in this website, it worked for me some months ago and keeps working today.
    If you want to meet a bunch of young people, very international and who like to do many kind of things, look for the threads of the early 20´s group. I think this Saturday or Sunday we will organize a hiking activity in some wonderful waterfalls in New Territories, if you want to join... more than welcome! And then of course... we normally go out Saturday night to LKF!!

    Hope to meet you soon,


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    welcome to Hk

    I live in MongKok.. Let me know about a nice dinner in Irish Pub in TUT... I am planning to go over there today evening.. If Any one interested pl drop mail
    Have a nice weekend....

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    I just arrived in Hong Kong, i live in Deep Water Bay on HK island


    I'm french, 23, i just arrived in HK and i'm looking for girls mates to go out. If you fancy a drink or two o even more... please contact me!
    I've started to visit on my own it's wonderful but i'm sure it will be better with friends!!!

    [email protected]