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Any teens around?

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    Check it!!!!I send my email to your inbox

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    patience, hoyi, patience.

    She is still sifting through hundreds of French middle aged mankini shots in her inbox.

    Your time will come!

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    hey im a teen too, is nine teen teen?, so bored in hk, and dont really live in hk so often only for summer so.... :S find me if ur free

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    Quote Originally Posted by karenhoyi:
    Hey!!!!check your inbox
    Check it, received nothing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by virago:
    Check it, received nothing!
    What???I just send my email to others instead of u haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramdom:
    Hi Zoe, just to be clear what foxtrot means is that it's weird for a 18 year old male to respond to a ad from a 14 year old girl who likes Taylor Swift and Glee (by the way, not saying there's anything wrong with either of those likes).

    Also it might be a good idea limit how much personal info (address and stuff) you provide online to strangers. but you probably know that already.

    Good luck in your search and hope you don't get too bored during the summer.
    obviously it's a good advice to the op, but to refer that as weird may not be so fair for the 18 year old guy who may just sincerely look for friend (or "potential girlfriend" online) :P

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    Anyone still here? I'm 17 and here on vacation for a month

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    Quote Originally Posted by jei64822:
    Anyone still here? I'm 17 and here on vacation for a month
    Himy name is Karen and I am going to be 17 in October do u hv facebook so we can chat or hand out?

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    Hi my name is Rachel and 21. I want to go Ocean Park on next Saturday.Does anyone interest it?
    Please sign up here

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