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    hong kong lynne

    Hi My Name Is Lynne I Have JUST Moved To Hong Kong Island Rehill With My Husband And 2 Teenage Kid Would Like To Meet New Friends For Coffee Shopping Sight Seeing

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    Smile hi there

    hi there Lynn... can we be friends? am jst new here so i kinda look for someone to be my friend... i been wanting to work in Hong Kong ... so i think it wud be great if i know someone so it be easy to cure my loneliness u know Homesick and stuff like tht.... so, wer u frm?

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    hi vanessa how long have you been in hong kong ? we have been here 5 weeks ,we live in redhill tia tam where are you living ,do you want to meet for a coffee

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    no... i meant im new to geoexpat website....but i hav plans of wrking in HK so im looking for friends from there like it wud be easy for me wen i got friends thr.
    well i was jst trying if theres luck making friends here.
    so wher are u from Lynne? .... i am frm philippines.
    i also look for nice employers thts why im here. .....
    u live there permanently? ....... so, hows life treating u thr?