Dear foreign friends,

I hope you all have recently noticed a water disaster caused by pollution in Wuxi, China. Wuxi is losing its water supply. The tap water stinks, the city stinks. We're cheated by the government and she is still lieing that the water is drinkable after being treated. But how? poisonous chemicals are being added to remove the smell. This is a complete murder! We're suffering. We're losing our health, our lives. Please, do help us, we have only one planet. Wuxi is now the evil tumor of China. Don't let it become the tumor of earth. We need your help. The authories will admit the truth only when pressed. Please help to spread the news and the following videos to the world. Please save wuxi. Save the common people here. Our voice is suppressed. We count on you!

This video explains the whole thing:

These two will show you how severe the situation is:

This blog belongs to a friend happened to be there, for wedding . He gives us more stories.

Dear friends, please notice that the bule-algae propagation is a world problem and no good way to deal with it has yet been found after dozens of years' study. However, the government declare that the problem was solved just in few days. This is a lie. This is murder! help!!!