Hello expats

I am currently working on a new book on the expatriate experience in Asia for a publisher in the UK. I am asking if you are interested in helping out a fellow expat. I am currently attempting to compile a series of interesting “case studies” to balance some of the more theoretical parts of the book. If you are interested in having your case included in the book, I would like to send you a fairly short questionnaire about yourself and your experience. I can use your real name or a pseudonym and attempt to modify your information without losing the flavor of your experience living and working abroad. If you allow your real name to be used, I will allow you to see and approve of your case study before going to press. If you would like me to use a pseudonym, I will make every reasonable effort to hide your identity, but make no guarantee that no one will be able to recognize that actual identity of the person described in the book. However, I have no intention of attempting to embarrass anyone, in fact it is hoped to show the expatriate experience and individual expatriates in a positive light. If requested, I can provide you with samples of some other writings so that you will have an idea of the type of book it will be. It is hoped this book when finished will be of use to the wide range of expatriates, including those of us who have worked in Asia in non-traditional expatriate roles.

If you are interested and willing to spent a few minutes to help out a fellow ex-pat, please send me an e-mail at [email protected].

I can't promise any money, but if I make a trip to HK I will spring for the drinks.

Cheers from Mae Sot Thailand