calling all creatives

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    Wink calling all creatives

    Shout out to all you practising creatives out there,
    looking to meet people either working or practising or just intrested in creative stuff!
    weather it be fashion design, graphics, music , film, photography, origami making -whatever floats your boat really,
    im pretty new to hong kong- and already tierd of skimming over the surface with people in bars the size of shoebox and rubbing up against to many suits---not that im against suits for thoose of you who wear them, but im intrested in hunting out the alternative scene in hong kong, and as been quite new to the place am looking for some like minded buddies to join.
    so theres a few intrested already to meet this sunday afternoon,
    if theres anymore of you out there let us know,
    ok hope to meet soon then,
    cheers -pinksocks

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    Hi Pinksocks,

    It's such a pity that i can't make it this Sunday. I just moved here about 3 months ago and am interested in films, novels and especially music! Hope I can join you guys next time.