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    Quote Originally Posted by dean-dzai:
    I started an English speaking social club, the North District Social Club for people who live in or around Fanling / Sheung Shui area. We hold regular events in the area also. Click here for the Facebook group.

    We also have a geoexpat group (click here). The action is on the above Facebook group.
    me me me!!!
    I live in Tai Po.. more accurately closer to Tai Wo station.

    will definitely check out the Social Club..!

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    Thank you, Dean Dazi for setting up English speaking social club in north district. We spent last two years looking for something similar! See you all soon!
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    If any of you are interested in venturing slightly further afield there's the monthly BBC & Friends Gathering in Quarry Bay this Fri. 13 August.

    Details are here: http://www.geoexpat.com/forum/thread...ml#post1018065 and they've also got their Facebook group at: 歡迎來到 Facebook

    Everyone's welcome!

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    Hi All,

    Who's up for Dai Pai Dong at Tai Po Market?

    I've started a new thread, so do check it out!

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    HK BBC August Gathering - * rescheduled to Fri. 20 August *


    Just thought I'd better update this just in case some people were thinking of coming down.

    I'm afraid I've had to reschedule the gathering to Fri. 20 August instead as some work is being done to the venue.

    Sorry about that.

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