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    Smile Organizing a get together

    Hey everybody,

    Seems like a lot of people on the forums are constantly looking for an organizer of sorts, so I'll try and put together something for the coming weekend; either Friday night March 14h, or Saturday March 15th.

    If you are interested in getting together for happy hour on Friday Night, OR a coffee gathering on Saturday afternoon. Please email me with a way to contact you, which day you would like to join and if you have a preference to WHERE in Hong Kong you would like to meet (Kowloon side or Hong Kong Island side, or feel free to be even more specific on locations).

    My email address is [email protected]
    Also, on the subject line of the email, please add indicate that you are "Geoexpat" so that I can find your email if the Hotmail server ends up booting you as "junk mail".

    Thanks for all those interested, and I will keep everyone posted on future events coming soon that I will be organizing.

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    A suggestion - FIX a time and place, don't ask for opinions. Everyone will have an opinion on where to meet and you'll end up with six groups in six different places on three different days.

    Book the place early and make sure there is a reservation under your name or GeoExpat so that people can find you folks easily.

    I'd be up for Happy hour in Central - have to do dinner around 8pm.