Party animal needs fellow party animals!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Partyanimal:
    You asked for a party animal?
    It's as fitting as it could get...

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    Hope not too late to join u guys. .. Love it.
    Just seeing whats going on.

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    I'd love to join ...
    hope you can pm me for any meet ups

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    Hey guys, dont forget that every second friday is Drum & Bass night, Boom Drop at Yumla! And, pulease also dont forget about the 2009 HK Electronic Music Festival featuring Roni Size!!!!! Check out the link for details:

    2009 HK Electronic Music Festival
    21 November, 2009

    Fans of dance music fun in the sun should also check out Clockenflap at Cyberport. Last year's event was apparently a real success! This year's headliner will be Hot Chip (DJ Set)

    Until then, if anybody is interested in drinks at the beatsy and breaksy Linq before heading off to dnb night at Yumla, then PM me. See ya round, dance on!

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    Oh! I love ta party! =D Feel free to PM me if anything's going on. Yes, I am long past legal drinking age :P

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    Woo hoo! Did everyone enjoy Roni Size's set over the weekend? How awesome was that! Ahhh... it was so nice to have a moment of quality drum & bass in HK. Well done, Roni & Dynamite MC -- you guys rock each time and every time

    For all those who did not get enough dnb action this weekend, Yumla will be hosting their month drum & bass night this Friday, 27th November. Let's organise a geoexpat dnb heads, invasion! See you all at Yumla if not, you are most more than welcome to come w me and my dnb friends for a few pre party drinks at Linq prior. PM me if y'all want more details!

    Boom Drop @ Yumla: Ⅰ|ⅠⅠⅠⅠⅠ|ⅠⅠ

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    Staunton Warriors in HK

    I dont know if any of you made it to Yumla or not but my friends and i did and it was really dead :/ Oh well, looks like everyone must have been gearing up for Seb Fontaine and Hyper the next day. Anyways for those who are interested, did you hear at the Stanton Warriors are playing in town next week? A few of us are hoping to head to this. Check it out if you are interested.

    Events - Stanton Warriors at Volar - Hong Kong's Entertainment, Nightlife, Clubbing and Music Guide -

    Grey Goose presents: Le Soiree Party@ VOLAR


    Number 1 breaks DJs in mag’s top 100 for the past two years, Stanton Warriors’ dom will rock with his mastery of fusing electro, breakfast & 2-step uk garage!

    Stanton Warriors at Volar
    Events - Stanton Warriors at Volar - Hong Kong's Entertainment, Nightlife, Clubbing and Music Guide -
    December 11, Friday
    Arrive before 12am to receive a complimentary Grey Goose Signature Cocktail
    Supported by
    Club side: DJ Anthony & DJ Thomas
    VJ Voltage
    Circus Lounge: DJ Bravo & DJ Yeodie
    Members: Complimentary entry
    Non-members: $250 (incl. 1 grey goose signature cocktail or shooter)