Beach Buddies Wanted!!!

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    Red face Beach Buddies Wanted!!!

    Hey ppl,

    It's time to get ready & make plans for the lovely sunshine in hk again!

    A gal with beach addiction here lol (and boat trips too!!) Just an idea pops out might be great to organize a beach gathering, get nice tanned so as making new friends together Would make the day even better if go for drinks afterwards

    Anyone interests?


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    Apr 2008

    sounds great, count me in!
    I cant wait to go sunbathing and get a tan again, why do most hk people like white skins

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    Mar 2008

    i always want to get tanned but I hardly get tanned , the skin will get back to white easily after few weeks.

    is there any way i could get tanned and last longer....?

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    I love to join
    Let me know details


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    Will organize one soon in Shek O (got to check with weather man first ha!) Also will make reservation at restaurant after all get roasted If you guys have any other idea do share!!

    Just leave me contact by PM and will keep u update. Bring your friends to join if you want.

    Himari x

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    I love the beach, but not to tan. I have two states: pasty and lobster. So, if you don't mind someone tagging along who will hide under an umbrella, a hat and SPF 55, then I'm in.

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    Olympic, Kowloon

    Make hay while the sun shines...

    This idea sounds fab, count me in too!

    Went to Sai Kung yesterday and had a great time at the beach. It's pretty remote and takes a bit of effort to get there but it is well worth it...just an idea! However I've not been to Shek O so am defo up for that place!



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    Sai Kung

    Would love to hang out at the beach myself, but don't need tan, as its God gifted to me already, what with being an Indian. Nevertheless, count me in as well.

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    Yay! Tan, beach, friends, drinks...

    Sounds amazing!

    I'm definately in...I am a beach bum andlove hanging out with mates over a few drinks...will be great to meet new ppl in the sun!

    Let me know what the plans are!

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    Did someone say sun?!?!?!

    You can count me in. My body has been deprived of the sun for way too long. Being from oz, i love the beach and dont really need an excuse to go so def let me know of details.



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