chinese girl - exchange and shopping!

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    chinese girl - exchange and shopping!

    Hi all,

    I am a chinese girl who speaks fluent english , mandarin and cantonese, would like to meet new friends for shopping, chatting and language exchange as well, I also enjoy beach bathing and is inviting beach buddies for this summer, anyone would like to join me please PM me.

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    I'm not a girl and not really in to shopping.. so I won't be the best candidate to help you
    However, I can introduce you to a great group of mixed Nationalities (started by a Singaporean). I'm a part of the group but have only been to one of their gathering last year. They meet about once a week for coffee or hiking or just dinner. All are working, age ranging about 25-35. Mostly expats (including Asian expats) and some local HK'ers. They are active in Facebook (called HKLEC, Hong Kong Language Exchange Club)
    If you want to find friends there, it would be easy. Bunch of nice people there (and many girls who loves shopping!)
    If you can't locate them in facebook, let me know. Welcome to HK!