Fuji Rocks Festival 25/26/27 July'08

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    Fuji Rocks Festival 25/26/27 July'08


    I'm planning on going to the Fuji Rocks Festival in Japan on the 24th - 28th July. If you don't know it, it is an amazing three day music festival in beautiful Japanese countryside, with a great line-up playing an eclectic mix of great music!

    Are there any laid back, festival-going types who would like to join me. I'm hoping to put together a nice sized group of splendid people to enjoy what looks like an amazing festival...


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    A good friend of mine went there last year. Not sure if he's doing this again .. will forward this.

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    I would def like to join...missed out on it when i lived in tokyo b/c i was broke as a knock-knock joke.