Any bookworms out there?

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    Great idea! I wonder if the Relay at Central MTR carries it. I will check tomorrow.

    One request: can we meet either on a weekday or any day after 9:30pm? I've got work constraints.

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    So I tried posting last night but it wouldn't let me. Hopefully better luck today.

    So we've chosen to read The Alexandria Link, and after reading the prologue I have high hopes for this Steve Berry novel.

    Meetings I think will be best during the week for me as well, Tuesdays and Thursdays are actually best for me. SOooo, how about we meet this coming Thursday for coffee and book discussion?

    I'm still pretty new here so I'm going to be lame and suggest meeting at Starbucks in the IFC mall. We'll decide once we meet if there is a location more convenient for everyone. How about meeting at 11:30? We can sit around, sip a cup of joe, discuss our thoughts on the book thus far, and still have time to skip off to lunch before the rush gets to bad.

    Please let me know a.s.a.p if there is any conflict with this schedule and we'll try to arrange for something else. Thanks!

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    I'm all in and am looking forward to going book shopping tomorrow! One request though, can we meet a pacific coffee in ifc instead? I'm not a big fan of starbucks coffee.

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    Yea Pacific Coffee is fine, I just picked Starbucks because I know they have good seating.

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    Just a reminder

    We're meeting this Thursday, 14 August, at Pacific Coffee in the IFC mall.

    Be sure to have read a few chapters (atleast up to chapter 5) and be ready to discuss your thoughts so far!

    Any questions, concerns, ideas, or if you just want a contact number for when you're on your way my number is 6383-2724.

    Cant wait to see everyone there

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    Hi all,

    I work in a small bookshop in Central called BooksMart, and we have a few copies of The Alexandria Link. If there's anyone who hasn't got their copy yet, it's not too late!

    We sell new and second-hand books, and even our new books are much cheaper than at the big bookstores. So next time you have a book you need to buy for your book club, you should check us out first!

    Our address is: 1/F, 2 Queen Victoria Street, Central (one of the side streets opposite the Central Market).
    Opening hours: 11.30am - 7.30pm, closed on Sundays
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Good luck with your book club!

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    Thanks for the heads up! I know where I'll be getting my next book. :-)

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    Finally found a copy in the third bookstore I visited so hope you can save me a seat.
    Look forward to meeting you Thursday.


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    Does this book club still exist as I would like to join. Thanks

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    We had the one meeting and then I got pretty busy for a little while so haven't scheduled anything new since then. Would like to read some more books and get some discussions going.

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