I want to get drunk in Tsuen Wan now

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    I want to get drunk in Tsuen Wan now

    I should have posted on this site before. I'm so freaking bored in my hotel here near Tsuen Wan waiting for my girlfriend to finish her ridiculous job that never ends. If anyone is out there tonight, please give me some simple instructions on how to get to any relatively decent bar where they have at least Guinness or Stella. I really don't want to travel too far beyond Tsuen Wan MTR since I also might have a cold.

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    If you can tolerate a 15 minute cab ride to the Gold Coast Mall, then the Med Star, bar, is what you want. they have a number of beers on tap, Guinness is one of them... You'll also meet more than a few of the expat regulars who sit at the out door table that's nearest the wide screen TV. You can also just catch the 61M bus, which will take about 20 minutes around this hour.

    Cant get any easier than that... Apart from that, you are screwed in Tsuen Wan, as expats avoid the place like a bad case of bird flu.

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    hmmm, if i'd read this earlier wudda been up for a pint of that irish stuff. there's a bar not far from where i work in TW that is ok, has guiness, maybe stella, not sure. was closed this month for renovations, but opened again this week. will be downing a pint or 6 there sometime next week, if ur interested. i work just near jusco plaza, but i finish at 8.30pm... on a good day..


    PS skyhook is sorta right, medstars is still one of my fav hangouts and feeding places.. not sure why, really.. re TW, most expats not only avoid TW, but they also avoid any other expat in TW like the bird flu..

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    Hey guys,
    thanks for the advise. I decided to walk to Discover Park and got a Stella at the Outback Steakhouse which was pretty overpriced, but I wasn't in the mood to take a bus around here.