Who's up for airsoft

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    Who's up for airsoft

    The very hong kong sport of shooting little plastic balls at each other. Doesn't hurt much, mostly.

    7th of september (sunday) 6pm to 1am near the diamond hill mtr station (so you can leave early if you must).

    200 each for hiring the place.
    60 if you want to hire gear (long sleeve camo top, gun, protective facemask, alot of bbs).

    Its a floor of an industrial building subdivided into rooms with plywood so its all very close quaters. So it doesn't hurt too much it'll be mostly single shot, and under 0.7 joules power if you bring your own gun. And yes it is airconditioned.

    The places website (in chinese):Real Mission

    Post if you definitely coming, or if you're a maybe, since I need an approx idea of numbers before making the booking.

    It was a blast last time we played there. The three new people who came along were all converted, one even buying his own gun the next day.

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    I'm in

    That would be a YES for me.

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    Hey there if you are still with your airsoft cqb in near future please do let me know, as I don't have many friends to play. I am willing to join the airsoft world.. Thanks.

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    hey guys, if you guys are interested to joining an airsoft group made of expats from all over the world please feel free to PM me. My group has over 50 members from all over the world and we are all mostly English speakers too. We play and drink regularly too.

    Also it doesn't hurt to get shot.