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    Quote Originally Posted by grammargirl:
    Once you get your absentee ballot (request ASAP!), there's this:

    Express Your Vote

    FedEx will have special rates for Americans worldwide to send their absentee ballots home between September 15 and October 29. It's free for those of us in Hong Kong.

    Also, I've found the information at the Overseas Vote Foundation easier to understand than the FVAP site. (Less governmentese.)

    Thanks for the overseas vote site! great to know about the fedex program, and there's even the Federal Write in ballot system if the absentee ballots don't arrive in time. Whew! I'll be very disappointed in the US if we end up electing McCain/ Palin...

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    Obama T-shirts

    I am looking for a place to buy an Obama T-shirt in Hong Kong. Does anyone have any leads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodwa:
    I am looking for a place to buy an Obama T-shirt in Hong Kong. Does anyone have any leads?
    yes yes- i am also looking! i am also wondering if there is anywhere i could get signs? someone put up a HUGE mccain-palin (palin? are you kidding me?) sign in the shop around the corner from my apartment, and i'd like to counteract it.

    ps i'd really love to get together with some other obama supporters.... i'm starting to actually feel really anxious about this election now! has everyone registered yet???

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    We are doing an obama voter reg drive from 5-8 at the Central pier for DB which is pier #3 tonight Friday 9/26. Come on by! You can get Obama T-shirts from Jane Chu email: [email protected]

    The debate will be televised at LEgends in Exchange Square (a bar) tomorrow 9AM-10:30 for the HK Dems and supporters. Note also that you can email [email protected] (Glenn) to be put on the email list for all kinds of fundraising and voter drive events. There will be one in Kowloon this week. We are fast approaching the deadlines for most states. It takes about 2.5 weeks from the time you mail it out. I just got mine from California.

    If questions, give me a shout 6302-3809 or email [email protected]