Around Olympic anyone?

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    Cool Around Olympic anyone?

    Hi! My last post/thread died a painful death so, anybody around Olympic want to meet up for drinks, coffee or go catch a movie? Especially would love to meet fellow Europeans, or Australians/N.Americans. Let me know.

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    Hi Laurence, a painful death eh-can't be having that. David here, UK expat/immigrant who is a trailing spouse to my super busy wife who stays at Park Avenue. Up for drinks pretty much all the time plus sports until such time as I get a job which won't be anytime soon. Give me a shout when you are free and we can catch a beer. Cheers [emoji106]

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    Hi! Olympic here too, but on the other side of the railway. I do have a job though so can't join you guys for 11am beers, but after working hrs, yes!