New to HK 22 year old male from California

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    Thumbs up New to HK 22 year old male from California

    Hey I just got to HK a few days ago. I know a few people out here, but I'd be happy to meet some more. I'm into anything, really - Cruising the city, getting lunch, grabbing beers or any other form of hanging out. I'm in the Wanchai area.

    I'm 22 from San Diego. Yes, I realize President Bush is a loser and is the president of the United States, but I don't want to talk about it. Thanks.

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    Smile Hey sup

    hey what's up, i hope your enjoying your self in h.k.
    i'd love 2 be friends with you. i come to wanchai like almost everyday for thaiboxing. we can meet up sometimes. unfortunately i am a student so i can't have beer yet lol. well it's nice to meet u.

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    There's usually a group of ppl from geoexpat that meets in LKF at Bulldogs what seems like every Friday and Saturday, it's all the way in the back with the bar tables, might want to check that out usually a good place to start meeting ppl

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    Cheung Sha Wan

    halo..welcome to HK.Nice to meet you. I m a Hong Kongese.=)
    How long 'll u stay in HK?
    I love joining some local tours to get to natural areas on weekends.
    Do u like hiking & come wif me? =)!

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    Hong Kong

    i'm 26 y/o gal from HK, fancy a chat on msn sometimes?

    [email protected]

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    i rly like this place..
    but i just never been there.
    btw this is ring..
    do you hv msn???
    maybe we can talk in there^^
    [email protected]
    anyway..ncie to meet you^^