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Want to start a band of musicians who sing!

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    Want to start a band of musicians who sing!

    Hello people,

    I'm looking to start up a band with members who sing as well as play. I am a keyboard player who likes singing as well, but not like all the time. Plus I think harmonies are ace. I like all kinds of music, especially with melody and a bit of bite. Covers are good to get started (I recently did an arr. of Going Underground with a Beach Boys vibe).

    Anyway, if you want to play and sing (except the drummer maybe, lol), drop me a line.

    PS I've played live around town and can get gigs in a few places.


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    I'm a bathroom singer.... do I qualify???

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    Thanks for the reply! Do you play any instruments?

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    Cool! I would like to join in. I love singing but I can't play any music instruments but I have a tambourine.

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    Thanks to singers getting in touch. At the moment I'm trying to start a band of people who can both play instruments and sing.

    It's not a rebuke to singers, but it is a reaction against pop/rock musicians who can't be bothered to sing - most of whom would put The Beatles in their top 5. It's one thing to be a jazz virtuoso and not sing - you've earned that right. But to be in a pop group and to shirk singing harmonies or lead is a complete joke. Hope that doesn't sound too irate - just being honest!

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    I shouldn't have replied to this stupid post then. It's wasting my time!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    well, we could try it out. I can play the keyboard which has lots of notes on it and is all you need in one sense. And I'm not getting any younger waiting for all the replies from HK's millions of Princes and McCartneys. Drop me a line if still interested. [email protected]