Kennedy Town/Pokfulam proper fun football team

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    Kennedy Town/Pokfulam proper fun football team

    Looking for fun properly playing but not so serious healthy not particularly overweight people and no smoking etc fit men football/soccer players Kennedy Town/Pokfulam area. You should speak some English from early 20's to early 30's age round my age relatively free to meet can run at least non-stop 30+ minutes play but are not semi pro or pro or very skillful be honest just amateur, young fit and can play not great not bad like me!

    I am forming a team a wish to get a team together of a goalkeeper, midfielders and defenders first as I am a striker. We can sometime play some games a maybe a proper 5 at least and 11 a side at some point maybe against some opposition that are in Hong Kong hopefully a some established teams maybe in a venue from other people I know a we will train particularly regularly like pros do or fairly similarly but we are NOT. Feel free to join!

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    Hi, i am interested in joining your team. Am 23 years old i don’t smoke and i can speak english. Add me on what’s app 297+ 6603692. Am a foreigner by the way.