Russian girl, a French expat, in HK in November

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    Russian girl, a French expat, in HK in November

    Hi everyone, I am a 27 yro Russian girl, working for a French company, moving to HK from Paris for a short term project next week.
    I will be staying in HK till beginning of December, would love to meet local western expats and hang out after work or explore the area.
    Speaking perfect English, not as perfect French and very basic German I doubt that my Russian will get me somewhere but it’s an option too of course)
    Will be staying in Wang Chai area.
    PM if interested

    PS if you’re planning to move to Paris in the near future - I would be glad to meet you both in HK and in Paris later!

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    Hi Anna,

    Interesting post. I'm sort of local but like you I can speak English, French and German too. I am a Brit but my family is from HK so I guess I'm a local western expat. I'm 29 male.

    Currently I'm working in Wan Chai so maybe we could catch a coffee break somewhere? lol


    PS: I have planned to go to Paris someday, but not sure when, would be real cool to have a guide

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    Nov 2018
    Hong Kong

    Hi Anna, nice to meet you. My name is Michael. I am on my very early 30s. We are on the same boat staying in HK for a month until early December.

    This is a long overdue holiday for me to visit family and some local friends since my Boss told me to take time off after got my professional qualification. I am Chinese, born in HK but moved to NZ over decades. I speaks fluent English, Cantonese and okay for Mandarin and Japanese.

    I am free most of the time and would love to meet you in person for coffee, meal or drinks