Reporter/Interviewer needed for Hong Kong internet series

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    Reporter/Interviewer needed for Hong Kong internet series

    Hi there!

    I'm creating a series for YouTube, made up of street interviews with locals in Hong Kong. We'll cover various topics including news locally and across Asia, pop culture and the daily lives of our interviewees.

    The ideal reporter is young, local with proficiency in Cantonese and English, well-spoken and confident with being on camera and approaching members of the public. Bonus qualities would include detailed knowledge of current events in Hong Kong as well as its historical and political landscape.

    Right now I want to keep the operation small - I'll write questions and operate the camera while your responsibilities will include:
    - help with writing and translating questions
    - coming up with topics for videos
    - approaching locals on the street and asking them prepared questions
    - ad-libbing and pressing for detail if they're unresponsive

    It's likely that we'll go long hours with little participation. You'll be compensated for your time with snacks and beverages
    If this sounds good to you, feel free to drop me a message any time!

    My name's Barnaby.

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