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Bookworms lets gather up

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    Talking Bookworms lets gather up

    Hello, I'm new to HK, just moved in.
    I'm female, early 20s and loooove reading.
    (first thing I did after applying HKID was to sign up for library card).

    I was wondering if there is any bookclub here for expats?
    male or female, preferably with similar age.
    I live in CWB, but willing to travel a little further.

    my preferences are:
    - English only. (Sorry non-Chinese speaker)
    - prefer non-fiction but its like 51 to 49
    - not a big fan of self-help and romance fiction (unless they are really good)
    - I know this is a long shot but anyone reads astrophysicists
    (Stephen Hawking, Neil Tyson, Carl Sagan,,, )I love you already

    currently on my desk:
    - Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell)
    - Heartland (Sarah Smarsh)
    - The Order of Time (Carlo Rovelli)
    - The Heart of a Women (Maya Angelou)

    Please reply if you are interested! thanks!

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    I'm born and bred "bookworm" (or a bibliophile to make it sound grand) but unfortunately, I like/prefer reading hidden from the rest of the world in my own cocoon. So, all the best.

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    I read all the time, but I have never been to a book club meeting

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    I recently joined a Podcast/Audiobook Club. Can't be bothered to read books anymore, sadly.

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    Public talk by Carlo Rovelli


    I saw you mentioned Rovelli's book above. Carlo is visiting Hong Kong in ten days and will be giving a public lecture at HKU open to all. Here is the poster:

    Hope to see you there. Feel free to diffuse the information to anyone interested.