Am I the only enjoying socializing ?

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    Talking Am I the only one enjoying socializing ?

    I don't think so.

    That's why I hope you would consider spending time with be. I'm looking for friends.

    I'm Mads, which is not short for anything. Just a traditional old Scandinavian name. I'm from Denmark. But I was born in S. Korea. I'm 27 yo, would consider myself very easy-going and easy to talk to (after all I work with sales, haha!).

    I moved here for my new job, and on this 3rd weekend in a row, where I just sit around in my place in Central and can listen to all the people out their having fun, I decided I want that too.

    I'm a FOOD fanatic. To such a degree where I would create a food map, when I gotta go traveling, then plan things to see and do around the restaurants - just for rebuilding appetite. I love (almost) everything, and can get really nerdy about it.

    Other than that, I've been a professional cover musician for many years, meaning I have quite a passion for music as well.

    However, I would say I'm fairly interested in many things, and wanna hear your story and want you to enligthen me about your passion and broaden my perspective. I traveled quite a bit, and love to learn about new ways of thinking.

    I'm completely fluent in English, and speak some Mandarin too.

    I'm even free tonight. Just text me. A bite and a drink ?

    Here are some pictures of me, so you have an idea of what you're getting yourself into! (I smile more in real life, promise! ;-))
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    Hey, this is Tushaar! I'm working as a software engineer, and I am at Hong Kong (Ma Wan) to attend a conference. I'm in town for a week. Since I don't know the language and the place, plus I'm bored, I would like to have a friend to talk and roam with! Let me know if you wanna roam around with me and have fun!