Week-Day Hiking buddy (Famale)

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    Week-Day Hiking buddy (Famale)

    Hi All,
    I am a stay at home mom from Japan looking for people who can go hiking with me on week day mornings while my kid is in school. Currently, I go hiking occasionally with members of Japanese hiking group but I want to meet new people.
    Looking forward to hearing from female friends. (No Romance, plz!)

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    In case it helps, there are hiking groups on facebook where they organise frequent hikes throughout the week, and all timeslots. Checkout "Hong Kong Hiking Meetup" on facebook, or use "meetup.com" to find multiple hiking/camping groups. Meetup is quite active in HK.

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    Yeah... I have registered a few meetup groups but most of their hikings don’t fit in with my level(I am a very beginner) and schedules and to to it off, their spots seem to get filled up very quickly, so I decided to post here.
    But thanks anyways for your information!

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    Maybe you can try the HK moms facebook group?

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    I would be interested in doing some easy hikes on weekdays. Hiking buddy, check your private messages please.

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    Nice to meet another user with hiking in their name.

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    It’s a great idea, thank you!!