moving to HK soon. Am I an expat?

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    moving to HK soon. Am I an expat?

    I have an interesting question for you guys. I am a Chinese from the Mainland, and got my degree and worked in the US. I know Hong Kong belongs to China. But in order to work in HK, I have to get a working visa. I don't understand Cantonese at all (ok, maybe some greetings). It is even hard for me to read informal online posts in Cantonese.

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    What is your question?

    Do you really have problems reading Chinese characters? I am sorry if I misunderstood what you wrote.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    his question is, given his circumstance, whether he is considered an expat.

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    my def of expat

    To me, an expat is not determined by where you come from or where you're based. It's when you're employed by a company and sent to someplace (not the point of your employment) to work in that same company (does not even matter if you get housing/ car allowance ort not)

    Eg. my ex-boss is Malaysian (passport) but was interviewed and employed by the company in Geneva. He worked there for a year before they sent him to Malaysia to head the Malaysian business. In Malaysia, he was considered an expat because his original contract is from Geneva. NOW, if the company terminates his Geneva contract and starts him on a new local (Malaysian) contract, then he ceases to be an 'expat'

    That's my opinion. Anyone care to share his/her views?

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    Tai Kok Tsui

    The literal definition would be someone who has left their own country to reside in another, usually voluntary. If the leaving wasn't voluntary you would be an exile.

    There are more colloquial definitions you could add to that. Moved by a company, only here for a short period etc. However if you are living in a different place to the country that gives you your passport then you would be an expat.

    As currently there are two different passports for HK and China you would count as an expatriate.

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    I would say that an expatriate is someone who moves away from the native country (where they are a citizen), voluntarily, and lives in another.

    HK is an anomaly since it's in China, but isn't quite China.